Simple Rules for Make a Quiz

Creating quizzes is a lot of fun and really easy to do, for our quiz editors to publish your quiz you must make sure you include the following:

  1. All questions are as accurate as possible, enjoyable, and well written.
  2. All topics are fun, friendly and within the bounds of common decency. We like to have a happy and positive vibe on Triviala!
  3. All questions should be fully formed eg, not just statements or single words. Start all with a capital letter and ending with a question mark.
  4. All names, surnames, place names, countries, singers, bands and book/ film/ song titles must begin with a capital letter.
  5. All song, book/film titles, song lyrics and quotes must be written with quotation marks. For example: "To Kill a Mockingbird", "With or Without You", "All you need is love"

Triviala does not guarantee that all submitted quizzes will be placed online. Please be aware some quizzes submitted may be edited, modified or deleted by our editorial staff at any time if we do not deem the material acceptable for publishing standards.

Remember let creativity be your challenge and we all look forward to playing your quizzes!